ZinUSA chat software is the cost effective tool that helps you support and sell your product online providing instant superior customer support service. With just the click of the mouse, your web site visitors can contact your customer support staff for real-time assistance through our Live Chat system.

What are the features provided by ZinUSA Live Chat System?


  1. Real-time chat (without page refresh)
  2. Unlimited operators, chats, and users
  3. Unlimited departments (groups of operators)
  4. Priority queue of visitors
  5. Localized to 10+ languages, unicode support
  6. Runs on your server and domain
  7. Easy-to-modify source code


  1. Shows online/offline status
  2. Ready for email signatures
  3. Using different buttons on the same domain
  4. "Leave a message" when you are away
  5. Department buttons


  1. Optional pre-chat survey
  2. Chat window themes (three themes are included)
  3. Operator and visitor "Typing Indicator"
  4. Operator's photo in visitors chat
  5. Chat transcript emails
  6. Sound and visual alerts on new message
  7. Enable/disable notification sound
  8. Customize chat with your Logo, Name etc.
  9. Quickly convert text to hyperlinks in chat
  10. Not blocked by pop-up blockers
  11. Compatible with mod_security
  12. Protection against automated spam (captcha)
  13. Auto-reconnect if the internet connection went down


  1. Web-based Operator Console
  2. Operator is away mode
  3. Canned messages for speed and consistency
  4. Track where your visitors clicked from to get to your website (refer URL)
  5. Chat conversation history with search
  6. Linking to previous visits, instant access to previous chats
  7. Information about visitor: first message, address, browser, geo-location
  8. Notification messages when visitors changes page
  9. Reassign/Transfer chat ownership
  10. Mark/Highlight nuisance visitors
  11. Administrator can view active chats
  12. Administrator can take over the chat
  13. Daily statistical reports
  14. Operator password retrieval


  1. Assign operator to multiple groups
  2. Group canned messages
  3. Ability to select group in pre-chat survey
  4. Group button with online/offline status


  1. Adding and managing canned responses
  2. Performance options to control server load
  3. Themes preview mode for easy interface customization
  4. Enable/disable features like Groups, Malicious Visitors, Survey etc.
  5. Updates page with the latest messenger news
  6. Localization wizard


  1. A webserver or web hosting account running on any major Operating System
  2. PHP (5.x and above) with MySQL support
  3. MySQL 5.0 and above


  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+
  2. Mozilla Firefox 1.0+
  3. Mozilla 1.4, 1.7
  4. Opera 7.0+
  5. Safari 1.2.5+
  6. Netscape 6.0+
  7. Google Chrome
  8. iPhone 1.1.4+